Meetings anytime soon?

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Hi, I'm newish to the movement (have been following for less than a year) and I'm not sure how active this chapter is offline, but was wondering if you were planning any sort of chapter meetups anytime soon as I'm definitely interesting in getting more involved locally if possible.


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I am in.

Marianne Wang I know the area use to live and work over there.  Its a little out of the way but I could give you a ride if no one else can.  I live in Fullerton I could get you around 7:00pm my number is on one of the post above.

Just a reminder, we are doing some outreach on the 29th in Laguna Beach, so feel free to come by and join us!

What time? And where in Lb exactly?

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Awesome, I'll definitely be there on the 8th. I'll b coming from Mission Viejo/South OC if anyone is near and interested in carpooling.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to the Laguna drum circle next week (work schedule).

See you people then!

Shawn, I'm in Lake Forest, if you're familiar, it's right by MV so I'm up for a carpool with either or.  It's on the 2nd btw @ 8 p.m.

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Cool, August, that should work. I'll go ahead and PM you my phone number and we can figure it out.

If anyone else needs a ride in the area, feel free to shoot me a PM.

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August, the drum circle event is listed in the calendar on the front page.  Aliso Beach in Laguna Beach.

Thank you, Justin.  I will give you a buzz next week.

A friend from L.A. is coming to our 2nd Wed meeting too.  He is the first person I ever talked to that became interested.  Otherwise I was surprised that it is difficult to get people to watch the movie.

Marianne, did you plan another meeting?

"friend from L.A. is coming to our 2nd Wed meeting too."  

If yes, let me know so I can add to the calendar, ok?

Ok Marianne my car fits 5 people plus driver comfortabley.  Give me a ring or text me. 

Ryan, sorry for the misunderstanding.  It is not another meeting, just this friend might join us in our meeting on Nov. 2nd Friday (Oh I just realized I had said "Wed". Sorry I meant Friday!)

Justin, Great! My # is 949.400.2148

Drum Circle is when it gets dark like around 6:30, you can come a bit sooner too.

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Okay people, as per our discussion tonight, here is the Facebook group:

There is also an email address that should reach members:

I have to add a description when I get a chance, but otherwise it's set up.

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